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his quiet fury is extraordinary.” Mitchell's waspish, not-suffering-fools-gladly intelligence is on display when answering a question about whether or not the BBC is right to be making such a fuss about Shakespeare on the 400th anniversary of his death – his reply worth quoting in full.
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What started off as a quaint show about a team dealing with things like relegation and qualifying for the Champions League, turned into a soap where there were a worrying number of deaths for a football club.

People say I wouldn't even get the show because I'm only 12. Second season starts on September 29th and, they are already shooting season 3.

It introduced us to many future famous faces, and saw Harchester deal with the ups and downs of the football league, all while battling various own goals in their private lives.

Just like any drama of its ilk, storylines got rather ridiculous over time.

It left me with an "OMG" expression on my face because well, she's probably the person you'd least expect.

Then a friend of mine told me about South of Nowhere. Not just with Spencer/Ashely but with the whole idea.