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Dating polish men in uk

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Britain was the world's first industrialized country and its economy remains one of the largest still to this day.

It is both a key global player diplomatically and militarily.

Reasons why Polish women fall in love with English-speaking men: 1.

They find it exciting to enter into a relationship with somebody from a different country, maybe they even find these strange guys exotic. If they finally tie the knot they have a new, foreign, exotic surname, that adds prestige and esteem among friends and colleagues. Expats who come to Poland are usually highly-qualified (unlike male Poles who go to the UK to work as bus drivers), so they are potential resourceful and well-heeled breadwinners. They want to raise bilingual children to give them a head start in a professional career in some twenty years.

This country now experiences the influence of the modern West, so, though the man is still referred to as head of the family, more and more often it is thought that marriage should rely on partnership and that the man and woman should make decisions together in important issues.

They are open-minded, intellectual individuals and make good companions too – they love to passionately discuss various topical issues and to debate artfully.

Polish girls are famous for their remarkable beauty all over the world and women from other countries do not stack up against them in terms of gorgeousness. Polish girls speak English to a reasonable level and are eager to keep on learning the language. Polish women are open-minded and can provide English-language expats with fascinating insights into Polish culture, customs, traditions, and national oddities.It makes sense that the majority of foreign men who decide to settle down in Poland do so because they have met the loves of their lives here, but the question is: who has ever heard of a Polish man married to an Anglo-Saxon female?Intrigued by this sociological phenomenon I have attempted to come up with some plausible explanations: Reasons why English-speaking men get hitched to Polish women: 1.With Elite Singles you can be introduced to Polish singles who are best suited to you. As the Polish community in the UK grows to over 1 million people –it should be easy to find Polish singles you have a connection with and would like to build a future with.As you may be aware, this is not always the case, it can be difficult to meet someone who shares your values, lifestyle and life goals.British men tend to be polite, have a sarcastic and subtle sense of humor and are not afraid to laugh at themselves.