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It caters to singles and couples living with STDs, connecting you with similar people, showing empathy towards those living with STDs and offering tips and advice for their condition.
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The requested start date was Friday, 28 April 2017 at UTC and the maximum number of days (going backward) was 14. The tweets in the network were tweeted over the 13-day, 18-hour, 34-minute period from Friday, 14 April 2017 at UTC to Thursday, 27 April 2017 at UTC.

(2012), set out to determine how strong the empirical evidence was showing an association between (categories of) WTC and the following outcome categories: indicators of work–non-work balance, health/well-being, and job-related outcomes.

The researchers were not only looking to see if these relationships existed on a grand scale but they were also looking to determine if there was a causal link.

Because these studies ranged dramatically in how they measured their outcomes and conducted their analyses, the researchers used an excepted approach to quantifying the presence/absence of an assumed association between WTC, and work–non-work balance, health/well-being, and job-related outcomes (see Table 1 for definitions).

This approach, called the standardized index of convergence (SIC) essentially represents the degree of consistency that may or may not exist with regard to the association of WTC and a specific outcome category across all 63 of the papers.