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static resistance is any exercise with force that has no movement.

I'm not sure the point of your question, and I suspect that you already know the answer.

You would get more response if you asked what the difference is between the different types of resistance and their application.

anything with only a barbell or dumbbell is constant resistance.

The pushup is a classic example of a constant resistance body weight exercise, as the weight load is the same on both the lowering and rising phases.

Traditional planks, side planks, squats and lunges are also in this category as the load is constant throughout the movement of the exercise.

Accommodating resistance is a form of variable resistance.Training tools such as medicine balls, kettlebells and resistance bands also provide constant resistance.Medicine balls and kettlebells can often be used in place of free weights, and resistance bands can help to strengthen all of the major muscle groups in the body.The body has no input on stabilizing the spine, pelvis, or knees during movement as the seated/prone position against a stable platform does this for you, thus “there is a decrease in neural activation of the stabilizer musculature.(1)” In other words, the body does not need to maximally recruit any stabilizer muscles of the working limb because no control of the weight is necessary in that the welded lever arm only has one set range of motion.If the load is constant through the ROM, it's constant resistance.