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Erving was born in East Meadow, NY and played for Roosevelt High School and reportedly received the nickname "Doctor" or "Dr. Erving enrolled at the University of Massachusetts in 1968.

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Sie sorgte für exzellente Kopie mit makellos Grammatik, die auf Thema war, genau das, was ich gefragt und perfekt für das Internet geeignet. Ich war so froh, dass sie in der Lage, ein Thema so langweilig wie Malerei Auftragnehmer Dienstleistungen und produzieren überzeugende Kopie, die eine einfache lesen, informativ und professionell, aber nicht ein Verkaufsgespräch war zu nehmen. Ohne Zweifel werde ich Melissa für jede zukünftige schriftliche Projekte verwenden Melissas Inhalt ist hervorragend.

Weve verwendet ihre Dienste viele Male, und wir schätzen immer ihre relevanten Wörter.

w *" ($ BRITAIN S BEST SELLING MAGAZINE FOR THE CF»C 464 • 6128 PI-US ISSUE 63 DECEMBE 1990 £1.60 ^h\^ • ON THE GRAPEVINE - read the latest games gossip • PROGRAMMING IN 3D - adding that extra dimension to your routines • STORM WARNING! We have no intention of taking exist- ing, standard Amstrad stuff and; just porting across.

- a brand new games label is launched • GREMLIN'S GRAPHICS -exclusive interview • ALL THIS. I don't think that's fair to the public when it's so expensive to buy. Although they're based around the same hardware, do you have to write games for the CPC and the console from the ground up...? The difference could be as great as the difference between the Spectrum and the normal CPC.

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* An exit pott at last year's Computer Shopper Show revealed that 95 per cent of visitors reported "substantial saving" from their purchases - with individual figures ranging from £50 to more than £1,000! TIM 44 LEARN TO READ WITH PROF Prisma Software launches its new interactive educa- tional packages on the CPC Books, audio . 39 PROGRAMMING IN 3D Conrad Bessant explores the maths and theory behind 3D computer graphics in a new tutorial series- Vv\* - ■ *V "TTTTT, \% ,;. Only you can rescdt the / fulcrjohhe Ldiulof Yurid and setlhcir, Bui can you battle through ihc *ix levels uhhitdclmn-pdc Prtf uucs Mrwf ■- i,nt